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Ongoing actions

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In the field of humanitarian actions, Rimay India, donations and loans from French donors have enabled the following actions:

The lease of a piece of land in the village of Kodiyalam with a donation of € 1,000, for growing food, which works as a turning loan (the amount once repaid, goes to the most needy familiy of the same village, etc. The system operates according to a priority list set by the same village).

• The creation of an internet store (gift of 1,000€, loan of 1,000€ repayable over two years) for one of the main leaders of the sangha lokas in Thanjavur area.

Joysankari and family

• Land leasing (5000€ as turning loan over the next two years) that allows one of the NGOs India Rimay partner, Deepam Trust, to become financially independent.

Zacharias, Director of Deepam Trust, before the cultivated land

• Support for twenty village NGO Wedss (2,000€) to develop micro-businesses (repayable loan over 5 years).

Rajakumari, right, and members of the Wedss NGO)

• Support to NGO SIDO, Rimay India partner, thanks to a donation of € 2,000, including € 1,000 repayable over 5 years, for an office and organic rice sales activity, which will enable it to become self sufficient.

Shaktivel (left), director of the NGO Sido, his wife and members of the NGO in 2007

• Assistance to village people in the region of Sivakasi through the purchase of cows (€ 1,300 donation functioning as a rotating loan). Two cows (€ 300-400 each) are enough to support a family, and are repaid in two years.

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