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How to participate

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You can participate in Rimay India adventure in several ways:

- With a donation or loan:

Your gift can be a general donation for the spiritual and social Rimay India activities. It may be used to support study and practice, organization meetings and follow-up, Lama Mingyour travel and accommodation in India, actions to improve Indian participants way of life, and actions for the self-sufficiency of Rimay India NGO partners. Your donation can be done without specific attribution, or directed to one of the fields mentioned above. In this case, thank you to specify the destination by sending an email to Lama Mingyour (mingyour@rimay.net). For further information, please send him an email.

You can donate by check, payable to “Rimay India”, adressed: Dana Manager, Karma Ling Institute, Hameau de St Hugon, 73110 Arvillard, France. You can also give it to Lama Mingyour personally or send it by mail to the same address.

To donate online, here’s how:
- Click on the text “Soutenez la transmission du Dharma” (Support Dharma transmission") located under the bottom left of the homepage with the title: “Soutenez Rimay India” (Support Rimay India), or click here
- At the bottom of the next page “Soutenez le Dharma” ("Support the Dharma"), click on “Faire un don en ligne” ("Donate Online")
- Fill in the necessary fields, and “3 Attribution du don” ("3 destination of the gift"), click on the dropdown menu and click “Rimay India”
- Complete the final steps

With medical, educational or other support:
If you have professional skills that seem useful to you, such as: medical training, fundraising, communication, English language, assistance to NGOs, etc., you can help at home or in India. In the latter case, it is necessary to speak English and be financially and personally independent once in India. Lama Mingyour will put you in contact with indian responsibles or NGO partners active in the villages. Note that in some cases, a serious commitment which may involve long term actions during several years (usually in winter) may be necessary. It is also preferable to already have a first experience of India!

Thank you from the heart!

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Support us
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